Relaunching European Competitiveness A Joint European Industry Manifesto

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Relaunching European Competitiveness A Joint European Industry Manifesto

European industry is making a united call to prevent the risk of de-industrialisation on our continent by relaunching Europe’s competitiveness.

The EU enters a new policy cycle at a challenging time, with technology and geopolitics acting as global disruptors, adding pressure to an already difficult economic situation. Now is the time to start building a strategic plan that unlocks the Single Market’s full potential and establishes a regulatory environment for the EU industry to remain globally competitive.

Recognising the significance of multi-stakeholder dialogue, we place at the forefront the need for stronger cooperation between industry and public authorities. Policymakers must tap into the wealth of industrial expertise, fostering an environment where knowledge and best practices are shared. Collaboration is the key to propelling Europe towards a future that is not only more competitive and sustainable but also inclusive for all its citizens.

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