Food For Thought on Innovation at the European Parliament on 23.09.2014

On 23.09 11 EU-associations, including CELCAA, presented their joint Declaration "Food For Thought: A Vision for unlocking the potential of agriculture and food industries in the EU" at a reception in the European Parliament hosted by influential MEPs from across the political spectrum. 

Specifically the joint vision calls for: 
- Fostering agricultural and food chain research to sustain innovation; 
- Promoting the creation and protection of jobs in the agri-food sector; 
- Taking into account the social, environmental and economic dimensions of sustainability in every EU policy measure and 
- Supporting the role of the Chief Scientific Adviser both at EU and National level. 

The reception was hosted by Ian Duncan MEP, from ENVI Committee, and included remarks from COMAGRI Chair Czeslaw Adam Siekierski, S&D group Coordinator Paolo De Castro and the Industry and Research Committee MEP Philippe De Backer. 

The Declaration is available here